Program says it is downloaded but it does not show up on brain

I have problem when it comes to downloading a program to the brain. I have v5s and when one of the programs is downloaded to the brain, it says it is downloaded but it does not show up on the brain.

I had the same issue with my students today. What worked for us was do delete all programs on the V5 (Settings/Delete All) then try again to upload. It worked first time.

I deleted all of the programs and it still would not show up. I even tried doing the same on another brain and it also did not show up on that brain either. I’ll try again this afternoon and see.

Which programming environment are you using?

For me I am using VCS on Mac OSX.

I can relate…

I’ve been trying to download programs to my students for decades… but I still get cases where the programs clearly do not show up on their brain. :slight_smile:


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Most likely you have an error that VCS is not showing, usually a linker error or something like that, send me the code and I can have a look.

To test I was using one of the sample programs, Drive Forward and not student code. Swapping to another Macbook there were no issues as well.

We have this as well. It appears to be a bug with the brain (from our experience). All we have to do is unplug the battery from the brain (not the power button) and then plug it back in, finally downloading the program.

So I deleted the programs, unplugged the battery from the brain and then downloaded another program and it worked. Seems to me that the problem might have been the program also. Ss were using Modkit blocks. Good to know the fix for this next time it happens, and knowing it will probably happen again. I certainly appreciate the help everyone.