Program status light is not on

We are using the VEX 2008 Tournament Template, and when we download our program onto our robot, the prgram status light on the micro-module is solid green. We then turn off the robot, turn it on, and turn on a controller. The yellow light flashes on the micro-module, but the robot does not execute the program. Plus, the program status light in not on when the program is being executed.

We have downloaded the Master Code, and when we do so, the program status light flashes green.

Does the light have anything to do with our robot not working? Our robot has not been moving at all (not even twitching), and this started yesterday. It is quite frustrating not knowing why our robot is not working when it had been working perfectly well the previous day!:confused:

Any suggestions?


You can use the online window to test the hardware. If you can’t get the robot to work then, the controller is broken and will need to be repaired.