Program will compile and download properly but won't implement changes

I ran into an issue while tuning my PID where when I alter a variables value and download and run the program the value will not update. I can download the program multiple times and there will be no change but as soon as I change something else like the name of the program and download it again the program will implement the new value and run properly. I’ve also notice this with other header files I have and honestly, I’m lost can anybody help?

Usually this is caused by a project structure that differs from the default and what the build system expects. For example, you created a new folder for source files or placed header files in the src directory.


Okay yeah I did place header files in the SRC directive. Would I just make a new directive, or do I put the header files in the Include directive?

All header files should be in the include folder, and all cpp files should be in the src folder