Program will not build

When I make a new program, every instance of ‘vex’ is red highlighted/underlined. When I hit ‘build’, a popup saying “building, please wait” comes up, and never goes away, and the only way to unfreeze the program is to close out of VEXcode.

Going to need some more details. If vex is highlighted red then the program that checks for errors is having trouble with a path or something like that.

Are you on PC or Mac ?
Did you move anything after VEXcode was installed ?
What is the path to your program ? Are you using a shared folder or anything like that to store your program ?
Can you see anything useful in the output tab when you build ?

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I’m on PC.
I didn’t change anything, I just opened up a competition template and got these errors. When I hit build, the only other thing that happens is it says, “Saving project, project saved, saving project, project saved” in the console.


Building File%20Directory RedLines

EDIT: FYI all of the folders (‘include’, ‘src’, and ‘vex’) are empty.

ok, so there is some problem with the back end saving files. As vex.h etc. are not being saved that’s why vex.h is shown in red, no vex header means no sdk will be found and vex namespace is highlighted in red.

So either a permissions problem or something else stopping us saving files. Let me talk with the team and see if we can duplicate, we will probably have more questions tomorrow.

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Is it an issue on my end or yours.

If on mine, can I manually put the files into my system?

Well, it’s our problem, VEXcode should create the files in that location. But I don’t know exactly what the problem is yet, we have not come across this issue in internal testing. It is interesting that folders are being created but not the actual source files.

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Would deleting System32 help?



Now that I’m thinking about it, when I opened VEXcode the first time, Bitdefender, my anti-virus application, gave me an alert that VEXcode was trying to access ‘protected files’. Do you know how I would fix this, or if I would need to reinstall VEXcode, or just relaunch it, or what?

Just got it. Bitdefender was being a poo-poo head and not letting me turn off my protected folders settings. I had to un-protect my whole documents folder, reload VEXcode, and now it works.

ok, glad you got it sorted out. We did discuss today and anti-virus was one theory, we will make sure we add notes on that to the install instructions.


Any luck with this error. Having same issues on school computers. We are able to get program to compile and it runs fine on the Brain, but in VEX V5 Text v1.0 the same issue with red underline and highlighted problems. Generally occurs on devices that are added to the robot-config

Here’s an example of it happening. This is just me loading the “Drivetrain with Variables” example program pre-loaded to VEXcode V5 Text v1.

Programs will compile fine and run correctly on Brain. The window however acts as if it can’t access .h files.