Program Won't Save - ModKit Desktop

I keep getting a “failed to save” message when I try to save a program created on Modkit Desktop version. Since it is on the desktop, I am saving to the computer itself and not online since this is a downloaded desktop version of modkit. It was working fine until today. Please advise. I have tried rebooting the machine.

Hello Mrs.B

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I tried to replicate the error you describe with no success, would you be able to email us a screenshot of the error message you are generating?

Another thing we can try is reloading the firmware on your whole system per the attached video, this procedure will allow us to isolate the problem between hardware or software. Give it a try and let us know your results.

Thanks for your patience, and keep up the good work.



Looks like one of our friendly VEX IQ forum members already helped you isolate the problem:

I will consider this case closed.