Program your VEX EDR (Cortex) in Python for FREE with Robot Mesh

We’ve just released the Beta 2 of our Python programming language and it’s free!

Use now:
API documentation:

Beta 2 includes API improvements, support for downloading over VEXnet 2.0 keys and interface monitor/configuration panel.

Many more examples, videos and curriculum will be coming soon!


Beta 3 of our free, online Python programming has now been released.

Beta 3 brings much faster downloads as only those blocks of the compiled binary which have changed are actually downloaded.

There is also now support for the VEXnet Competition Swithch (VEX EDR). When creating a new project, use the type “VEX EDR Competition Template” to get a template which as specific functions to use for the autonomous and driver controlled periods. Note that a standalone version of the software (which will work without an internet connection) will be released in September.

The Python math module is now available. Add it to your program with an import math line at the top. The math functions will then be available to you (particularly useful for trig).