Programing issue... Only have drive and nothing else

For some reason i only have drive right now and thats it. I’ve tried everything and its not working… I have a competition tomorrow and im in a deep trouble. I for some reason cant download the program so heres a picture15804876340802583171816410491981

Also everything was working fine 2 weeks ago and its the same program i used. So idk… Please help!

You have two while (1) loops. the second one will never execute.
Put all the code that is inside the while(true) in the while(1) and then remove the while (true) loop.

And for future questions copy and paste code into the forum with it wrapped by ``` on the line above and below. Most of us don’t like reading code from pictures.


Thanks i figured it out eventually… My computer was being stupid today so thats the best i could do for today… But thanks

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