programing kit

im new to the fourms, and i was wondering if you could drive the robot around with the computer wile its connected to the programing kit?

yes you can, but you would then have a short range problem from the length of the wires.

ok thank you
and also when you do it do you have to type toe code to move then send it, or can u just push a botton to move fowrd wards and botton for backwards. dose anyone know where i can get the softwear for the programming kit to test it out berofe i buy it?

The robot is not really “operated” with a PC and programming cable by typing keys at the keyboard. In fact - I don’t know of any real way of doing anything to the robot using the PC keyboard through the programming cable.

The programming kit and cable are used to download new code into the robot’s microcontroller. The code you write determines how the robot motors respond to the RC controller or sensor inputs.

Leaving the cable connected to the robot is generally used to get information from the microcontroller as it runs your code.

The programming kit comes with Easy C - a software / programming package that helps the user get started in C code. It is quite simple, straight forward, and good documentation is provided. I do not know of any legal try-before-you-buy versions of the software out there.

There are two forums for Easy C here that you can browse through. You may not get a lot of questions answered though until you actually buy a programming kit and play with it a bit.

(If you call around - there may still be a programming kit for 1/2 price at a Radio Shack. The online store has stopped listing the programming kit. The Radio Shack catalog number is 276-2152. If it isn’t in the store computer, you may need to tell the clerk the catalog number and have them look.)


so there itent a way of actually driving the bot rount with the computer, only the remote

There are not any pre-made programs to control the bot via the keyboard or PC. There are exotic methods of controlling the robot with items other than the RC controller, but they are not simple nor straight forward.


well the last thing that poped intoo my head is, is it possable to revive live data from the sencers and send and revive data with out downloading

i dont think so. i think the code has to be downloaded and the only thing that can be done with the robot when it is attached is print messages to the screen.

Since there has been posted ways to have Vex Controller to Controller communication, it would be easy to have Vex Controller to PC communication. You would just have to develop a protocol for requesting information and receiving information… Since RS-232 is only Point to Point, the protocol could be very simply (unlike RS-485 and CAN, which I work with daily in my “day job”)

Something like a single letter (maybe a ‘P’ for PC) then a letter or number for the data parameter… You could have both pre-defined data (e.g. Motor #1 value) and user definable.

i think i was talking about only using Easy-C.