Programing LCD

I am having trouble figuring out how to program an LCD screen on easy C and I want to display battery power also I would want to be able to choose between different autonomous all I know is for different autonomous it’s a bunch of if blocks. If someone could show me a husk of the program needed that would be great.

This is how I might do it.

void LcdDisplay ( void )
float batteryPower;
InitLCD ( 1 ) ;
SetLCDLight ( 1 , 1 ) ;
batteryPower = GetMainBattery ( ) ;
SetLCDText ( 1 , 1 , Battery: %ld" , batteryPower ) ;
SetLCDText ( 1 , 2 , "Hello") ;


I have a program for the lcd and im willing to send it to you just send me your email so i can send it to you

I would recommend using jumper clips for changing autonomous. Sometimes the LCD displays will reset if there is an issue with the field or stuff like that. Jumpers are easier to code and are just as easy to use the day of the competition. If you would like some RobotC sample code for them, PM me and I can get you some!

You can program the LCD to bypass the selection in game. Personally I have found the LCD to be incredibly reliable, and if you have one you should use it.