Programing Robot to Drive alone

Hi Everyone,

New robotics teacher, trying to learn on the fly. Im watching tutorials but still a bit confusing.

I’m good with the software programing my virual robot, and good with the building itself, but where I’m having trouble is merging both together.

I’m just going to rattle off a few questions…

-Can I my robot to a specific location using the remote, and then run the code is it returns on its own using the code?
-Can sensors and remotes be used at the same time? So if i drive close to something, the distance sensor will kick on? Or if I want to limit the degrees an arm can raise, using code, but actually make it move with the remote?
-I’m in the V5 Pro, but dont see the drivetrain blocks…

Also for the sensing technology you are talking about require a special field and a vision sensor.

There are no code blocks in pro. If you want to use blocks don’t use pro.

This can be done either by using gps sensor and portable field with GPS strips or using odometry. Keep in mind both of these options only track position are you have to write the code to make it move to certain points.

Yes they can. The way you do this is checking variables in your driver control loop and if they aren’t what you want you can stop the driver action.


You can’t drive your robot up and then have it move itself, as autonomous comes before driver control.
You can, however, drive it backwards, or if you want it to go autonomously, just make it go forward and then backward.
Sensors and remotes? Don’t think so, don’t quote me on that
V5 Pro doesn’t have blocks, it is only C++/Python, but normal V5 has the blocks option, but also C++/Python.

I’d like to second this.

  • Firstly depending on your experience with coding and using the sensors, positional tracking might be a little to advance. However I won’t tell you not to indulge in it because this is my first year doing vex and I was able to learn and code my own odometry thanks to the great resources of the internet.
  • Understanding how c++ works will answer your questions on controller and sensor usage and how to do it

Thanks for the help everyone!