Programing Skills

I was wondering what the high or average score is for the programing skills challenge at the competitions that have already commenced.

That should be 45 - 55, not 45 - 50.

What if you scored 20, 30, 40, etc?

I think you wanted something like 1-10, 11-20, 21-30 :slight_smile:

We in Vancouver are running our first programming challenge next Friday at the Gladstone Open. After the event, I could enter all scores from the event… … actually teams are allowed three attempts … I could enter each team’s best score if you’d like.

That would be great. I’m sure there are others that would benefit from the results.

Considering the fact that our bot is capable of scoring over ten points in the twenty second autonomous, including the time required to empty the autoloader, I would put 30-40 points as around the optimum for our bot, more if we have enough time left after programming the regular autonomous modes our bot has.

4 Preloads means the probable minimum of points is 5 +4, 9 points

Should have thought about it before offering to enter event scores.
Entered the first score and, of course, the polling software says I’ve already voted (duh!)

So… here are the VRC-GO Programming Challenge results:

Eight of the 40 teams present participated.

Team - Score (best score of up to 3 attempts)
575 - 14
721 - 12
705 - 9
417 - 8
880 - 7
1010 -7
1010b - 0
1116c - 0

We ran out of programming time :(. We were aiming for somewhere around 30 points via 4 goals with 10 cubes and the ramp. We only finished about half of our programming before we ran out of time.

the highest scored at the Omaha regional was 14, we scored 13 and got second.

I fear the team that can score 45-50 points in programming sklls.

I would be interested to hear from the team that can score 45-50 and 70+, I could see it being possible on paper but in practice, I don’t know.

Today at the Washington VRC Championship:

417 - 14
880 - 13
418 - 7
770 - 6
1346a - 6
1899 - 0

For what it’s worth, 417 and 880 were the only two all-girls teams at the event.

Ya, I’m pretty sure readers didn’t understand what the question was.

Once your get past three goals, variables are insane. You’ll turn differently far to much to have it even matter, and the sensors for vex are meant to be the lowest quality for affordability, or at least that is what I believe.

Are you sure about that… I believe my answer to this poll question was pretty well thought out and is, at the moment, still valid.

“Success is determined by those whom prove the impossible, possible.”


Hmm…I’d say if you could use a line follower to line your bot up it would be much easier to score 3+ goals

Sounds like a job for 575 ;D

But seriously, I think 30+ points is possible. Using line sensors to get 4 goals for 24 points and then from there, I would probably attempt to climb the ramp while pushing the bonus cube off. 24+10 = 34 which is very possible.

on the other hand, to do well and prepare enough for this challenge, you would have to have enough of your own field to test, while the main tournament and robot skills challenge don’t necessarily require these materials.
i know many teams without the luxury of their own arena
Thankfully, I’m spoiled.

i agree 30+ is possilble. Id say 24 is the closest you can have to a sure thing. Ive found that once you leave the lines, the other sensors work reasonably well but dealing with the ramp and the block using sonic, encoders. ect… takes a bit of luck or maybe a bot made just for programming skills… At least they give you three shots at it :smiley: