im new to programing and it dosent mention what the signs for the varables mean like char,signed char,int,unsigned int and all the other signs if someone could help me that be great:D thanks

All variables are “signed”, unless they are preceded with “unsigned”, (unless the Compiler lets you make the default unsigned, e.g. Borland C [IIRC])

Do you mean how large a number a Variable Type can hold???

If You are using EasyC?? Look in the On-Line Help (press F1):

Double Click:
Programming–>Project Setup–>Variable definitions table

MPLAB will be the same, but you would need to look in the MPLAB C users guide.

If you look in the EasyC Help File (hit the F1 key while in the program), and then look under the “Index” tab tab, and scroll down to “Variable Definition Table”. This is where you can find detailed a detailed summary of the different variable types.

To basically sum up the most commonly used variable types:

char - integer from -127 to 127 (suitable for digital sensors, like bumper or limit switch)
unsigned char - integer from 0 to 255 (suitable for motor/PWM signal variables)
int - integer from -32,768 to 32,768 (suitable for analog sensors, like the line follower)
float - any number up to 6 decimal spots