Programmers, what do you want to do next year?

Next year, I have a LOT in store for me to do. This year, I really didn’t code much until January. However, much has changed, and I’ve been learning C++ like a madman and I’m gonna start next year making a graphics api, talked about here Better Graphics using VexCode - will publish. What do you guys want to do next year? Do you all want to follow KISS or just go flat out insane with programming (I choose the latter)?


Honestly for next year I want to make my object tracking program better so it can better detect if there is a object in the way.

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Have a well working skills program… And get excellence.


Ah, you too? I’m also making a detection program, I’m gonna use some color sensor stuff with ultrasonics

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Yeah, currently I am seeing great success with the vision sensor as it can detect multiple things including color, distance, and size.

For next year I want to:

  • Make a system that uses vision sensor to estimate the position of an object relative to the robot
  • Use lvgl in vexcode (I recently put together a port for lvgl 8)
  • Make my pure pursuit better

How do I find the resolution of the vision sensor? I’m looking to see how much pixels a robot would take, can’t really see the pixels because yeah.

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I think it is 640 x 400 Pixels

Wow that is a LOT of pixels. I might have to make some optimizations to my design. I was thinking that it was gonna be around 50x50, maybe even less.

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Also do you mean you can’t see what the vision sensor is seeing? Because you can actually view what it is seeing in real time.

Oh you can? I didn’t know that. But I meant that i just couldn’t see the max rn cuz I’m not near a robot

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the robot we just built for worlds is extremely well balanced so most of the time I don’t need to use a PID. But I know next year it won’t be like that so I’m going to try and make a PID that works. I’ll also try and implement a tracking wheel.

Not a programmer but because we only have one programmer and since programming has been the biggest roadblock this year I and our other teammate are both learning code over the summer

In your program or your team? I’m the only coder on my team and I’ve done pretty ok.

By the way, since you’re new, please don’t start with blocks. Tbh just go to vexcode pro immediately, blocks suck.

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Be careful, though. As much as I despise blocks, I can see their purpose. I think it’s for kids who don’t understand that machines run through commands in order, and what if-else means, and that sort of thing.

So @Colin2114R, if you’ve never coded before, … Well, then I’d recommend, if you actually want to learn to code passably, that you learn Python over the summer, play around with it for a few weeks, and then switch to C++ (the language in VEXcode Pro, I think). This book is available free online and teaches Python for beginners. (Total beginners, in my opinion, but maybe some people are more total beginners than I realize.)

If you have programmed and are comfortable with how the logic works, you could maybe get by just by watching videos about C++. I’m not an expert, but I think generally you can do decent (or at least not terrible) just by understanding order, if-else, variables, and that sort of thing. If you know how that works, I think you should probably skip blocks and try C++, converting block programs to text where you need help.

If you do want to program this summer, though, I’d recommend spending a couple weeks on the Python book I mentioned before you jump into C++. It would probably help your team if more than one person could fix the program when it breaks.

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Yeah, that’d be a good idea. I learned some Python before c++. If you’re interested in learning Python for other things, you don’t really need to get super good at it right now, just understand the basics, and once you know c++ Python is so easy.

Our programmer is good but the issue is he has a short attention span and it is difficult to get him to stay focused sometimes… if we learn code we can so some ourselves and also help him focus easier since we can work with him.

I’m learning C with PROS, I have a limited amount of experience in python although I’ve never actually done any coding with vex with it but I understand how text code works and yeah blocks sucks, not really worth learning.

(I’m learning C rather than C++ since its simpler and is compatable in C++) I might learn C++ later (and that’s what our main coder is doing next season) but for now I’m just gonna learn C

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I think that I would like to learn about how to use the vision sensor next year because it seems really useful to incorporate in the robot.

Yeah you won’t need much c++ if you’re not getting too advanced, you can make do with C. I prefer c++ though cuz i hate myself and crave pain