programming 2 motors to move at once in autonomous

I tried to make 2 motors move at ones in autonomous but it wouldn’t move at the same time.

It depends on whether you use blocking or non-blocking functions. Blocking, like moveMotor(), will block (no futher command would perform) till they finish the request.
Non-blocking just initiate the action and move over to the next command. setMotor() is non-blocking. So is setMotorTarget().
So if you do “moveMotor(motor1, …); moveMotor(motor2, …);”, the actions will happen one-by-one.
If you instead turn on two motors like: “setMotor(motor1, 50); setMotor(motor2, 50);”, both motor will start moving almost at once and both will keep running until you stop them again.

I tried to move my motors and the motors didn’t move.

Can you post what you tried?

In general, don’t forget that as soon as your program finishes (runs through the last line), everything stops.
Try adding a wait(1, minute); or **repeat(forever){}; **to the end of your program.