Programming 2 Vision Sensor Help

So I’m am the Programmer on my team. So on my team’s Robot, we have two lifts (Front and Back). My team and I want to put two Vision sensors on our robot (One on each of our Lifts) so it can find Goals and travel to them.
I have done a Vision sensor on Vexcode V5 Pro last year. But only using one Vision sensor. I know that is it’s possible to do two or more vision sensors. I have seen it in competition and on vex forums. I just don’t know how to do it. So if anyone can help. It would be appreciated.
Please help.

From Jordancan2
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Can anyone help me? Please

I do not understand your question here. If you already know how to use a vision sensor, it is straightforward to add another one. Just plug it into a different port and give it a different name. It is essentially the same as adding another motor after your first motor.

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Ok. Thanks you. This will help