Programming 276-2170 Controller

I bought a Vex V5 Robot Design System back in the 2000’s. I played with it a little back then and stored it away. I now want to play with it and do some programming. It has the 276-2170 PIC controller and the 276-2152 Programming Kit. I installed EasyC from the CD that came with it, but it looks like I need to get a PC code to activate the program. Can I still get a code from Vex support, or is there another way to program this. I see PROS, but not sure if it will work on my controller. I do know how to program in C. I have written programs for the Arduino. Thanks for any suggestions.

You should be able to use robotc from this link: ROBOTC for VEX Robotics 4.x (VEX Cortex & VEX IQ) - VEX Robotics
I’m not sure about easyC though, you may need to actually buy a license.
(also just an FYI: you called it a vex v5 design system, but v5 wasn’t released until a few years ago, so it’s probably not what you have. Just a little detail though.)

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Hi. Thanks for the quick reply. Actually, it says v.5 Robotics Design System. It’s item 276-2151a.

The last version of RobotC supporting PIC was 3.63, you can get that from here.


Hi,would you like please tell me how to get the Unique ID of the vex v5 brain by using the code pro v5?or the address of the unique id in v5 brain. Thank you very much!

No need to bump another topic when you created one for this questions about 2 hours ago. It is Saturday - wait a few days before creating/bumping new topics on same question.


ok,ok,i got it,will not do this again :confounded:.

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