Programming 4 motor drive in VEXIQ Blocks

How can we add additional motors into the drivetrain? We have a 4-motor drive (1,6 right side, 7,12 left side) , but we can only find spots for two motors in the drivetrain configuration tool. In addition, we can’t seem to find a way to connect changes in the A,D joystick axes to motor controls. We tried using the “when controller axis is changed” event to the two extra motors, but that just made the motors turn all the time.
We don’t really have any code to post at this time; we are trying to configure.

Drivetrains currently only support 2 motors.

Take a look at the various VEX IQ Example Projects inside of the software - Tank Drive, Left Arcade, Right Arcade, and Split Arcade - those are examples that show what the auto-config code is generating when you use the devices window. From there you should have a good starting point to add additional motors.


I would generally control the motors directly rather then using the drive train. You can’t read the encoders when set up as a drivetrain, at least for now.

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wow the programming skills challenge is gonna be a quite long bit of code, isn’t it? :grin:

At least compared to what elementary students usually write