Programming 6 motors to work as one


My robot has 6, 296 motors powering 1 lift. How would I go about coding it so that the 6 motors work together? If 1 motor is slightly faster than the other, would that cause the rest of the motors to speed up? Would that break the other motors?

Right now I have this, it’s not much and I’m looking for ideas on how to improve.

void operateLift() 
motor[liftMotor1] = 127;
motor[liftMotor2] = 127;
motor[liftMotor3] = 127;
motor[liftMotor4] = 127;
motor[liftMotor5] = 127;
motor[liftMotor6] = 127;

Your code is exactly the way to do it. Don’t worry about small variations between motors, it doesn’t matter.



Would it be wise to directly gear each motor to each other? Or should I use free-spinning gears in between? Would that provide any advantage at all?