Programming a H-Drive Drivetrain

I was trying to program a H-drive, but the wheel in the middle wont move. Is there somehting wrong with my code?

probably, you should try posting the code so people can help.


No clue, we are going to need that code my guy.


we need code or a bot pic (probably not a mechanical issue cuz it’s iq, but ya never know). can’t do anything with just a vague message


Screenshot 2020-08-13 at 22.16.06

im not even sure if i programmed it correctly

Well what do you want the drivetrain to do and what does it currently do?

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It is just a drivetrain- It can move forward and backwards, but i also want it to strafe using the wheel in the middle

are your ports setup right?

yup definitely. 100%

have you confirmed that the motor and cable work?

yup definitely. 100%

so your code says drive forward for 6.969m and then move the middle wheel slightly. Does it drive forward for nearly 7m ? does the middle wheel move after that ? The first line of code will block until it finishes.


Ok, Let me be as descriptive as possible. Is this code for autonomous skills or for driver control. based on the when started block I can assume this is for auto control. If your goal is to move the drive train 6969 mm then strafe for 90 degrees (which is very small) then that code should work. I am not a blocks user so I have limited knowledge. Try removing the drive command and just testing the H motor on its own.


90 degrees of the middle wheel is quarter of a turn.
Try changing your drive forward to 1000mm, click the little white arrow at the far right side of that same block and choose “and don’t wait”
Then change your middle wheel to say 2000 degrees and try again to see what happens.

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dont worry everyone, i fixed the problem- i used a plastic shaft instead of a metal one

correct- i am trying out programming different drives and robots, dreiver control is relatively simple

uh what lol

can u send a pic?

I believe VEX IQ has both plastic and metal shafts (metal shafts are the same as the VRC ones and they r stronger than the plastic ones).

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ik i’m just curious why it made such a difference that the initial assumption was that it was a code issue lol