Programming a H-Drive in VEXcode IQ Blocks

When adding devices in VEXcode IQ Blocks, should I put the motor in the middle of the drivetrain as a new motor or part of the drive train?
I am not sure but I think I need to put it as a new motor because the H-drive robot I created uses 1 left motor, 1 right motor and one in the middle creating the H and there is only 2 and 4 drivetrain motors options.

Correct. you can’t make an H-Drive in VEXcode IQ from the configuration screen. How you go about it depends on how you want your controls to work, but one solution is to have a standard 2 motor drivetrain configured for your left and right motors, then add the 3rd (strafe) motor just as a standard motor. For driver control, this means you can configure and standard control set for forward/reverse and left/right then assign say the shoulder buttons to your third motor to give you strafing.


ok thanks! just needed to clarify- I personally think H-drive is best for VIQC this year

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