Programming Autonomous with RobotC Graphical

Had my class build a bunch of clawbots and we are trying to program autonomous runs.

How do you start the bot running the program? What commands do you use to code that in Graphical C?

Do you mean RobotC Graphical? Or EasyC?

Yes. Robot C Graphical. I just found out about the Competition switch and the Competition Format. Trying that all tomorrow. But if you have any other hints, much appreciated!

When you go to create a new program, there is an options for the competition template. That will make the Cortex respond to the switch.

If they are just doing an auto run, they can just do the code in a new file.

If they are all using clawbots, you may want to make a template with the motors setup depending on the time that you have available. It doesn’t really take that long to do, but it will save you a lot of troubleshooting as the kids are working.

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