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I didn’t know where to ask this or has anyone ever done it so here I go…

I need programming cable for vex micro controller v 0.5, is it possible i can borrow it from someone i am working on school project and we are past our budget just to give you some insight…I am using it with victor and making search and rescue robot…I am around Philadelphia are…let me know if you think I can borrow it till mid-May…Thanks!

Sorry, we don’t have one to loan as ours on the fritz:( The part that is frayed/partially broken is the end that looks like a phone cord. I tried replacing it with a piece of spare phone cord, and the plugs fit nicely into the socket on the orange box and also into the serial port of the microcontroller, but when I try to download, it doesn’t recognize the connection.

Does anyone know what the actual format on the phone-plug-looking end is? If so, it might be possible to buy a piece of plug or even an entire cable for less than $50 (for example, USB to cat5 cables are only $25). I could live without the interrupt button for half-price.

The connector is an RJ14 or RJ25 (6P6C), though many vendors will refer to it as an RJ11. The wiring requires that all 6 positions be wired, and they must be reversed end-to-end, such that the wire from position 1 on one connector goes to position 6 on the other connector (and so on).

You may be able to find a suitable cable at a Radio Shack or at a local hardware store. Just make sure that all 6 wires are present; most just provide the center 4 wires, which is RJ11 (6P4C). Also, ensure that the wiring is crossed as I mentioned above. You could buy the connectors, wire, and crimpers to make your own - they are pretty common, though probably more expensive than just tracking down a suitable replacement cable.

See wikipedia for more info on the connectors.


  • Dean

Aha! So that’s why my (almost broken) Vex cable works in the phone, but not vice-versa.