Programming Challenge Participants?

Hey Everyone,

I was just wondering what percentage of teams at regionals you have gone to have participated in the programming skills challenge.


The competition my 4 teams went to had about a half of the teams competing

We hosted a regional earlier - about half of the teams chose to compete in Programming Skills. It looks like every robot that had a competition autonomous chose to participate, but most just used the same one for both.

In Houston, ten teams showed up for programming skills (roughly half the regional size). However only 4 teams had a working autonomous that attempted to score.

Thanks everyone!

Why show up then?

To participate in the main competition is my guess. The programming and driver skills are only side competitions.

I meant to the programming skills challenge. Seems like a waste of time. To each his own, I suppose.

Theoretically, you could win if your robot parked on the platform or pushed the bonus cube completely off. Even if you’re counting on nobody else to score, it’s still worth a shot. Winning programming skills earns you a bid to Dallas, after all.

It takes place during the same day as the regular competition, and it isnt much trouble at all. It is an easy spot to Dallas without much effort the day of the event.

I meant for those that he stated did not run an auto at all. If you have one, it hurts nothing to try. If you don’t, it’s just a waste of time.