Programming Challenge

What are some of the highest scores and best strategies you’ve seen for the programming skills challenge? The regional we went to didn’t have robot or programming skills challenge, so I’m kinda curious as to how other regionals are turning out.

i believe the highest score i have seen was posted on this forum, with 37 points, i cannot remember what the high score was at our tournament that we hosted, i will have to ask our coach.

I’m actually a little surprised that the highest score isnt at least 45 since there are 9 balls on the wall. Though I suppose the balls might cause some miss-alignment. I’ll try to get the winning score from Pan-Pacific after the 4th (hopefully its our teams :stuck_out_tongue: but I’m not to sure since there are international and local teams that are really good).

The highest score we saw was 45 pts. by 294 (Beach Cities Robotics), at the Hawthorne tournament. The second highest was 37, by 1337 at Bellarmine. The third highest was 33 pts. by 37 (Athena Rising) at the All-Star Challenge. Most other tournaments were only in the low 20’s though.

1114a scored 85 points in the programming challenge at the Toronto Regional yesterday

Wow, that’s impressive. Without giving away any secrets, what kind of mechanism do they use?

Let’s see – how do you get 85 points in the PSC? Nine MBs on the wall = 45, plus the LB for 55. Preloaded balls total 9 points, for 64. Four more MBs and one SB would do it for 85, but this leaves out 7 SBs in the gaps under the walls.

I kind of think that a winning strategy would be 5 MBs on the floor, plus nine MBs on the wall, plus the 9 points preloaded, plus the LB for 10, plus the 8 SBs on the floor, for a total of 97. 85 in November is REALLY good.

Will anyone score 125 or more in PSC this year?

Always up for a challenge :slight_smile: the thought of it makes me excited, see ya at worlds! :smiley:


I don’t recall any robot breaking 2 points per second even in robot skills. But I won’t be surprised if 100+ shows up at worlds.

We’re no 1114A but managed to score 61 three times (although never in competition) with a relatively “bad” programming job.

Interesting. Wall footballs and preloads? That’s 54. Not sure where you got the last 7. The greens in the wall’s cracks?
I recognize your team number from WA jumpstart. But looks like we’ll see you at worlds ;]

So now that 1114A has come up in conversation yet again, I’m extremely curious as to what their mechanism looks like. Anyone want to enlighten those of us who are not lucky enough to see 1114A in action about 1114A’s general design?

Generally, it’s pretty good. Or should I say, Excellent? :slight_smile:

I’ll burn $5 if 1114A media shows up before Dallas. They’ve managed to keep a lid on things for years…this season shouldn’t be any different.

Except that pictures of their FRC robot always show up after their first tournament. Once you compete, your robot’s image is in the public record. I think it’s more that NO videos of any of the tournaments they’ve been at have been posted yet.

6 MBs on the wall, 1 preloaded, 3 picked up off the ground
7 SBs under the wall, 4 preloaded.

If we had worked on our code for more than a day we could have probably made the robot drive into the LB introduction zone.

Or at Vancouver in March.

Looks like we’re not the only ones who want a peek at 1114. Someone out there must have some video footage =)

I think it’s kinda strange to keep such a tight lid on it though. If you think about it, at four tournaments they’ve been to, it seems that no one on VEX Forums can produce any media on their bot. In a way, it’s understandable, but in another way, it’s unnerving to think how…“secretive” they are about their designs.

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We’re not going to BC competitions due to passport issues, and because some dates conflict with FRC events.

Will you be attending the WA Championships at Redmond?
We might also go to the small Sandy High School one down in Oregon.

As for autonomous, we’re trying new designs that will allow us to pick up the footballs in the center without being up against a wall (shovel intake system, what can i say?), but to no avail.

I assume 1114a is not a shovel robot? 125 points in robot challenge definitely means that they can pick up without being against a wall. Conveyer (like 2z) would be pretty efficient for robot/programming challenge since all the crucial scoring objects are aligned. Hopefully 1114a’s design will surface on youtube soon…

In the most ideal run with our bot we can get over 120 but that all depends on how the footballs bounce over the wall. If the a football bounces and gets stuck under the slot in the wall we lose five points which is pretty significant in robot skills.
As for Programming Challenge, I’m pretty sure I can improve my current code to get all 8 small balls under the wall (8 points), score all preloads (9 points), get 7/9 of the balls on the wall (35 points), score three of the five lined up in the middle (15 points) and get a white ball (10 points) for 77 points. Getting everything perfect (2 balls on the wall/2 in the middle) could net an additional 20 points for the maximum of 97 points without going for the second line of footballs or the green balls along the side. I’m going to guess that 97 will be the amount most teams are going to be stuck on since the second row of footballs is not directly on any line and in addition, is further away from the wall. My opinion for the winning bot is that it’ll score just over 100 points.

If I remember correctly, the 721 robot is a dumping robot? How’s your capacity? We’re thinking that with greater capacity we will have to make less trips to the wall, meaning more time to pick up balls.

2 footballs, 3 under ideal conditions - or 1 white ball (with footballs if placed in basket).

211B has scored 82 points on there home turf. Not in the competitions we went to though, something was off in the last one.