Programming Controller

My kiddos are trying to program their remote so that the blue cord does not have to be connect from remote to robot. Any suggestions?

Make sure they have a radio and that the correspond motors to buttons

Any Pictures of the robot

They do have a radio. They are able to drive it with the blue cord plugged in, however, when the blue cord is removed, it does not operate with the controller. Is there something that needs to be downloaded that we are missing?

Is the radio connected and is the code downloaded to the controller

You could also make sure ports work together

It appears that way…

Make sure your battery is charged.Power off both remote and brain. Plug in blue tether cable. Power on the brain. Once it’s fully booted up, look for the small plug icon on the top right of the lcd screen. If the controller didnt power on, turn it on as well. Once you see the plug icon, then unplug the tether cable from brain and controller. Wait a few seconds and the light on the brain and the controller should start flashing green, indicating they are paired and communicating.

If that doesn’t work, try running VEX OS Utility with the controller connected to the brain via the tether. Update the OS on the brain. Look and see that both radios are showing on the image of the brain and controller in VEX OS Utility.

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The most common issue here is that the radios are not fully plugged it. Take the battery cover off of the controller and push the radio until you’re positive it is seated, then replace battery cover (there is a lock in the battery cover that holds the radio. Re-check the radio on the brain, be sure it too is fully seated.


This link might help, good luck and I hope your remote gets linked to the brain soon.


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