Programming Crystal on Easy C v4

My team has an old Crystal brain and one of our team members wants to program a robot to play around and test new ideas with. I have updated the drivers on our Windows 8 Laptop and the Crystal says it recognizes the computer and visa-versa. When I go to download a program that works with the Cortex, the IFI/Intelitek Loader says that it “Cannot get VEX System Info!” I downloaded the free trial for Easy C v2 and was able to program the Crystal with that, but that will run out in 7 days. My question is, first off, can you even program a Crystal with Easy C v4 and if you can how can I fix the problem I am having?

EasyC V4 is only for the cortex. EasyC V2 or EasyC Pro is for the Pic (old controller).

Thank You.