programming error hlp plz!!!!!!!!!

me and my teams programming has been working fine untill now and we have tried everything the guys in texas and the manual says and cant seem to get it to build and downld plz help me i just spent half the night on it

What seems to be working and what seems to not be working (or can you tell).

Are you using EasyC or MPLAB??

Will your program Compile with no Errors???

Do you have communication with the Vex Controller (see my post about Downloading the Master Code)?

Can you start the Download??

Does your program download completely?

Does the Vex try to operate, or does it give a Program Error in the Vex Controller?

On top of answering the questions above, it would also be helpful if you posted your code; and stated what exactly is supposed to happen.

When ever I would ask for Source Code, I seem to get people that think I am trying to steal their work. But Source Code would be helpful too…

Well, I figure, if you’re not willing to do a little and at least share a snippet of where the problem is coming from. Why should I even try and help?

if you post in technical discussion u will get even more help.