Programming frustrations

Anyone here want to be my hero and help me get started on autonomous programming in VEXcode IQ blocks?!
I’ve tried searching for tutorials and examples, but they are either too basic, or don’t work for what I’m needing. And I’ve made several attempts myself on the actual robot itself, but the most I’ve gotten it to do is move motor10 once :weary:

The 1st program I’d love to program:

• the following program when controller button “F up” is pressed, with motor10 running at 40% torque:
                  drive fwd until a bumper sensor is pushed →  turn to the right until another bumper sensor 
                  is pushed →  spin motor10 fwd for 3 turns → turn left 50 degrees while spinning motor10 
                  fwd 6 turns → drive fwd 10 inches → spin motor10 rev 4 turns → drive rev 2 inches  <BR>

Do the drive train controls have to be set on the controller in the devices panel in autonomous? If anyone is willing to make this up and screenshot it for me, could you also tell me how you configure the devices, please?

Another question: I know it’s acceptable to reset the robot to starting position as many times as desired during the autonomous skills challenge; that means you are allowed to push a button to initiate a program each reset, or does it have to be initiated directly from the brain?

I do not personally like the drive train. Once we can write functions this will be really easy to do, but for now we will have to just use commands with the individual motors.


Hope this helps.

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