programming genious.

you should make a small box that contains 10 programs. and these programs will be activated by a word or phrase said by a specific person. also these words a different for each program. The kit would include a microphone (for the computer) the main box. conector cable to the brain. I am pretty sure that alot of people would like to buy this.

Chances are you could do this yourself.

a voice activation program would be awesome:cool:

Its possible, but you would have to use parts that are not VEX approved…

Well if it was made by vex than it would be VEX approved[FONT=“Verdana”][/FONT]

The legoNXT kit includes a voice activated sensor
Vex should have one too

The sensor is not necessarly voice activated. As far as I can tell it only measures the decible level of a sound. At certain point it triggers the sensor, so it’s not the sound but how loud the sound is.

it is I’ve worked with it before