Programming Google Docs Into Pros Editor

My biggest problem with programming is having my code in only one place (personal computer for example). I recently discovered Google Scripts and how you can reprogram google services (like docs and sheets) to do something new and different. An idea popped into my head: Can I program Google Docs into a custom pros (or robotc) editor? I know there are already code editor extensions for docs, but they aren’t specialized for pros (or robotc). Before I embark on this project, is there any body who has already done this (I would much rather just download the extension because is much less work)? This thread could be for critiquing the google-docs-pros-editor (or GDPE for short) or giving suggestions on features for this project. I thought this was an interesting idea worth sharing to the community.

WARNING: I’m new to google sheets so this project might take some time to be created so don’t expect it to come out in the next century.

I don’t see the point in doing this. There are already tons of online IDEs which support C/C++. You would just need to import API.h for PROS library recognition…

As for having all your code in one place, look into version control systems like Git. They’re designed for sharing and backing up code.

Wouldn’t it be better and easier to just use GitHub or Dropbox/Google Drive (or both like i do)?

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If you really wanted to do this couldn’t you just use the installed version of google drive and have it sync the folder where the code is? Then keep using atom as your text editor. Just the same way dropbox would do it.

Or of course you do it properly and use git, which really isnt that hard.

You should use a source control solution such as Git & GitHub. This problem has already been solved for you.

As others have mentioned, keeping your code in one place should generally be done using a Version Control System (VCS).

If you want the collaborative editing aspect, you can try using services like Atom’s “Teletype” or Visual Studio Code’s “Live Share”.

What collaborative software do you guys use for project management? I have found this free web based tool recently that offers lots of cool features in a simple to use interface. Check it out at

Our team hosts and uses an instance of Phabricator.

Recently I’ve been using Github’s project boards for personal projects.

We use Google Drive. We just set up a folder in there that is shared between the students working on one robot and the teacher. Then individuals can edit whichever file they’re working on, but they all reside together with the proper structure, accessible from both school and home.

I would recommend a Version Control System over Google Drive. Even just uploading using GitHub’s online UI would be more beneficial.

I forgot about git… man I feel stupid. But hey why not do it because I have nothing else to do…

I don’t believe you can do this, since Google apps script doesn’t support stuff to that extent.

Does anybody have the API for RobotC? I couldn’t find a download for it.