Programming hardware kit

Hey guys, I just got the programming hard ware kit and have been having a lot of troubles with it. I’m pretty sure I installed the drivers correctly and updated the firmware. However when ever I go to download something onto the cotex wirelessly it stops at some points and says memory writing error unplug, reset, ect… I’m just confused as to whats happening. I tried replugging everything and it still doesn’t work. Out of the 20 times i’ve tried it it’s only worked once.

I assume you have the new style (grey/orange) programming cable and not the old one.

What’s the environment you are using Windows? 32/64 bit? ROBOTC/EasyC? Which versions? (master code etc, software etc.)

Have you tried with the tether (USB A-A) cable between the joystick and cortex so as to rule out any VEXnet issues?

Yeah i’ve got the new one. I’m running on a 64 bit version of windows 7 with easy c. Master code with version of easy c. Yes i’ve tried using the usb tether and it works fine and is significantly faster than the programming hardware kit.

It sounds a little like it might be the VexNet (wireless) link. I’ve seen that happen when the joystick batteries get low, or when the joystick is too far away from the robot, or when there is some sort of radio-blocking obstacle in the way.

What I meant was use the programming kit connected to the joystick and the USB cable from the joystick to the cortex (ie. replace the vexnet keys with the cable). See if that works.

Also, do you have a USB hub available, try that between the programing cable and the PC, I’ve had that problem before, don’t know why but a USB hub often helps.

Oh yeah I tried that and it works so it must be vex net. Is the usb supposed to sit flush in the programming block(orange/grey box thingy)? I’ll try replacing batteries but i’m pretty sure they were full. No I don’t have a usb hub unfortunately.

Do you have the new white keys?

No, there is about a 4mm gap.

Sounds like that’s not the issue.

Let me see if it works, I don’t download over VEXnet that often and when I do I still prefer the old programming cable to the new one.

No I have the black keys from last year. Alright good, and thanks so much!

Well I just tried with EasyC V5.0.0.1

It really doesn’t work very well (full disclosure, I’m running EasyC under VMWare fusion on a Mac) I tried several times and all I get is a dialog that says "The controller cannot be identified… ". It does have the vex system info but it doesn’t look like to manages to put the cortex into download mode. So I tried to override that by pressing the “program” button on the programming cable, download then worked.

I tried my old programming kit, no problems with that, same setup, just swapped the cable. Sounds like EasyC may have some issues with the new cable.

One final test, switched over to my own downloader on the Mac side with the new cable, no issues there so hardware is good.

Ok thanks i’ll try that tomorrow and report back with the results. I suppose theres no way to buy an okd programming cable thats a little more reliable online?

Let me dig into it a little more, try one or two different computers, things like that. If there is a genuine problem then Intelitek should address it.

Hey guys posting the results from today. I tried all the suggestions and found that nothing worked. However I remember jpearman asked if I used the white keys. I was using the black keys but I snagged the white ones off our junior high robot and they worked great! Obviously we need the old programming cable or the 2.0 sticks.