programming help.

How can we fix our program so that after the autonomous period we can control
the bot with the controller?

I am inferring that it runs for the 15 Seconds, then just stops and nothing will make it move???

Are you using EasyC or MPLAB???

Do you have code you can post here, even if you just elimanate most of the specifics of your code?

EASYC.Yah it wont move once the program is done running.:eek:

Anyone know whats wrong?

You meant 20 seconds right? You can download the template for the autonomous period.

Posting your code would be useful. If we can’t see where something went wrong, or where you’re missing something, we can’t help too much but give some general ideas for you to sort out on your own…

A really common mistake is to not put the code in a while loop, if this is not done then the code will run just once and the robot will just sit there.

Mea Culpa, I was thinking FRC…

Downloaded and Installed the Latest Vex Master Code?

Using the 2006-7 Competition Template? With EasyC v2.0??


Don’t you have a technical mentor (teacher/engineer) to help you? Where are you located (what state)?

Edd Spidell

The technical mentor may not be familiar with the easyc software. Our mentor is only barely knowledgeable with it, by now we know more than him.

Not to be off topic but its never good to surpass your mentor such as our team has (I think)