programming high speed motors and flywheel advice

We are changing the internal gears for our motors to high speed (160rpm). When programming in robotc, is there anything different I need to set it to or can I still set it to the vex 393 motor? Another question we have is about our flywheel. The first prototype uses 3 motors with the first layer of gears having a 5:1 gear ratio, and the second layer having a 5:1 gear ratio, for a combined total of 25:1. Theother flywheel uses 2 motors and both layers are a 7:1 gear ratio to make a total of 49:1 but I seems to be going slower. Is there anybody who may be able to help with this? I am going to try vasVaseline on the gears but that doesn’t explain why the larger gear ratio goes slower. The flywheel mentioned above is a single flywheel. On another note, our double flywheel design seems to be wobbling a bit and slowing it down. Will installing bearing flats on both sides of the c channel where the axle goes through reduce that? I know this is a large post bit thank you in advance!

In the motors and sensors setup you can set the motors to 393 High speed.

Probably a bent axle, look out for those!

Yes put bearings on both sides to reduce the shaking of the shaft.
The 49-1 is probably burning out the motors so the wheel ends up going slower because the motors can’t handle it.
I recommend reducing that ratio to get it to work better.

Hope this helps

Thank you both for your replies!!! Would it still burn it out if the motors are just connected to an 84-tooth gear that is subsequently spinning a 12-tooth gear? I guess what I am asking is how is it more likely to burn out when it is originally spinning an 84-tooth gear than spinning a 60-tooth gear because the motors are still spinning at the same speed. I am just confused on the concept. This is a big learning curve!!!

Well when you use gears (to get better speed) you increase the speed that the axle a the end of your gear setup is spinning. Because for every 1 rotation rotation of the motor shaft, you are rotating the end gear say 49 times (hence 1:49).

But while doing this you also decrease the effective torque on the end. So if you don’t have enough torque to push the heavy flywheel then the flywheel will not spin. You need to decrease the gear ratio.

So obviously you are correct as to what can be changed with regard to internal gearing. The important thing is that unless you’re using the built in ROBOTC natural language movement commands it doesn’t matter.
ROBOTC send PWM signals to the motor of varying power levels without caring what gearing the motor has.

Well yes, I was aware of this. It also effects the usability of the inbuilt PID function but is essentially useless unless you are using natural language. But the OP said:

To which I responded that you can in fact set it to the high speed motor. In fact nowhere does the OP define that he was not using natural language, so in the event that he was and didn’t set the motor to high speed, he could have experienced unexpected results :slight_smile: