Programming ideas

Now that we’re nearing the end of the season, and my team didn’t make it to any more competitions (Except for one skills), And as the lead programmer I was wondering if there was any really cool or interesting programming ideas I could try to implement for next year. Additionally, I am submitting my robot code for tsa and would be grateful for any ideas.

I am very new to vex and taught myself how to code in c++ for this robot. So far I haven’t copied any code from outside sources as I view that as sort of cheating so my code isn’t the most efficient, but I have implemented the ideas I thought of and can’t come up with any more.

So far I have implemented PID correction, a script to record and play back movement, an on brain settings menu with a custom buttons class, reverse controls, mecanum drivetrain, inertial sensor heading tracking to correct for errors during movement playback, and slightly advanced catapult code, and a custom function to read and write float data to files on the sd card.

Thank you