Programming in easyC V4

i was wondering the code to be able to run a motor off of button 1 on channel six. i have
joystick digital to motor (1, 6, 1, 127, 2, -127, 4)
and that doesn’t work.


what do you mean by “1 button”? do you want to use a button command? What button do you want to run it?

Is it in a while loop?

Please post the code you are running.

i don’t know how to post the pictures of the blocks but it is something like this

while (1)

from what i understand, the numbers in the parenthasis meen (1 = joystick 1, 6 = channel 6 (the bumper buttons on the right), 1 = button 1 (the one on top), 127 = speed of the motor, 2 = button 2 (the button on the bottom), -127 = the speed of the motor, 4 = motor in port 4)


sorry, i ment that the second 1 in the parenthises is the bottom button and the 2 is the button on top.

never mind, i resolved my problem.
thank you for your consideration.