Programming in Windows 10

Has anyone tested programming, uploading, or doing firmware updates in Windows 10? If so, what were the results? If not, someone (possibly me) should try it.

I know Jason from QCC, as well as myself switched to windows 10 as a daily OS, and both have programmed with robotC in windows 10 for a few months with no issues.

Most if not all applications that work in windows 8.1 should work on windows 10. I think Microsoft did a good job of making the upgrade as seamless as possible. I am not guaranteeing that you will share the same results as us however. Publicly available builds of windows 10 should be stable but are still release candidates, so make backups of data and whatnot and possibly have a spare machine ready in the case of the need for a quick programming change at an event or something of the like.

How does the VexNet key update software work on win10? Is win10 it stable enough for me to download now?

I can confirm that Robot C 4.32 works on Windows 10. I have tested this on 2 machines. I have ever uploaded code to the robots and updated drivers. All flawless.

working fine in Windows 10 with PROS ide.

I haven’t been able to get the cortex to read my computer. I don’t seem to be able to download.

We have been using Win10 for months. No problems regarding firmware updates or downloading code to robot in RobotC

Same as everyone else, we have been running Windows 10 for a while now and have had no issues.

I program and update firmware by RobotC in Windows10,all work well

Try reinstalling.

Maybe this method would help?

In all seriousness, please run as administrator so you have access to all the lower level items…

After reconnecting the cortex via usb over and over it just seemed to magically work so yeah no problems on this end either.

I can chime in support of Win10 too; we run RobotC under Windows 10 on two different laptops and have experienced no problems.

I myself have only had issues downloading firmware (because I’m using a 2in1 because it’s handy to be able to pick up easily) because it can’t supply enough power to turn the cortex on. But code downloading wirelessly is fine. However, some other teams in my area have had nothing but problems trying to get firmware downloaded on full laptops and desktops. Not sure if its 4.52 or 4.32, but the computer said it would not even connect properly to the cortex, since it was an unregistered device.