programming issues

Hey, I’m using easyc v5 and my robot works with the default code but when I try to program it myself it doesn’t want to move. The cortex and joystick pair but I can’t get the robot to move. The code I’m using is tank two motors. Can someone please help?

Do you have a while loop around your tank code? Can you attach a screenshot of your code?

I don’t have a while loop around my tank code. I haven’t been doing this for very long so i don’t have a great idea of how to do it. I can’t get a screenshot of it because it is on a different computer but it is just the tank two motors. again I’m just starting.

The answer is your code needs to constantly check the joystick values and assign them to the motors. This means you have to put it in a while loop. I do not have a copy of EasyC to show you where each block is located but this video does a pretty good job of walking you through it.

Thank you very very much! It worked perfectly! Again thank you for your help.