Programming kit Issues

Hi Guys.

I found some problems regarding programs downloading (Note: I am using the cortex platform with RobotC).
My classmates told me to use the programming kit to download programs wirelessly. I wonder if I can replace the programming kit with another USB-to-RJ12 cable like the following. I’ve heard that it is impossible but I’m not so sure. Can you guys give me some advices?

The VEX USB to serial adapter (the box-shaped item in the programming hardware kit) has been customized for VEX and cannot be replaced by an off-the-shelf part.

In addition to what Barin said, it is possible that you would danage the controller with a 3rd party rs232 cable. The Vex programming cable has hardware to step down the voltages to TTL levels before it gets to the joystick.

Also, your images aren’t showing up for me.

Ok, thanks guys