Programming Language

What programming tool is better for programming the robots? I know ModKit is easier,but does RobotC have more commands? Could you please post the cons and pros of ModKit and RobotC?

As with any programming, the correct answer is “It Depends.”

Generally, Modkit will be easier, but RobotC more powerful. It RobotC, it may be harder to do simple tasks (for a 5th grader) but an 8th grader will have more control over what the robot is doing.

It may depend a great deal on the ability of the programmers.

Hope that helps.

I believe you will find ModKit to be very limiting. The graphical interface will be appealing to a new programer for a very short period of time. Even with moderate use I would expect your progarms to “out-grow” ModKit very quickly. With the implementation of Graphical programing and Natural Language features of RobotC, I find little to no argument in favor of using ModKit. Using RobotC in a Graphical mode is very similar to ModKit, however it allows for a direct path of migration to Natural Language programing or full RobotC.

So…if I have say, fourth and fifth grade students who are new to robotics and have no idea of what programming is I would want to start with ______________.

IMHO start with Flowol . This is programming with flow charts, even simpler than the “blockly” languages like ModKit. Kids, and even adults, with no programming experience seem to have an easier time starting with flow charts. It’s just easier to understand.

A couple words of caution - 1. Flowol uses a different firmware than RobotC, or Modkit. If you want to switch back to RobotC you will need to first run the firmware update within Robot C. 2. The Flowol install for Windows does not include a USB driver, you should install RobotC first to get the USB driver.

Other notes - 1. Flowol works on the Mac without the need for a Windows emulator or USB driver install. 2. The trial version includes ‘mimics’ that the kids have fun with and helps them get started.