Programming Languages for each Type


New here and just trying to understand which coding tools are used with which robot and what languages are available. This is what I found so far:

  • VR → Browser → Blocks / Python
  • 123 → Browser and Phone App → Blocks Only
  • GO → Browser and Phone App → Blocks Only
  • IQ → Windows/Mac apps and Phone App → Blocks and C++
  • V5 → Windows/Mac apps and Phone App → Blocks, Python and C++

Does that sound about right?

My questions is, will there be Python programming support for the 123, GO and IQ?



All the details with VEXcode are described here:

You do not have all the platforms - such os ChromeOS and Amazon. Full list is at:

Specifically your question about which platforms support text is answered here;

IQ, V5, and VR


Thank you for the information.

At the moment I can see that Python is not supported in the VEXCode IQ application. Are there any plans to add it here as well?


No idea - usually what you see is what you get.

I mainly work V5 and VR.

ROBOTC for VEX IQ Windows (and I believe Mac)

All the cool kids use Robot Mesh Studio and Python for both VIQ and V5.



last I check mac did not support ROBOTC. To be more specific, it does not run on macOS, but you can use robotc on a mac by using a virtual machine


Thanks for the correction, I was unsure of that👌

Sad the virtual machine is no longer supported on non-intel macbooks though, rip :frowning:
(Unless u pay a lot of cash for a non-officially supported virtual machine)

Thank you for all the suggestions! I actually have RobotC already installed so will try to use that.

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