Programming Languages

What programming languages do you know? (at least a general knowledge)

I wanted to know in case I ever write a VEX-related application - if I share the source code, I’ll know how many people understand it.

Perl is great for slinging text, and lots of modules are available from

I only know EasyC and a bit of PBasic. But they’re pseudo programming, so… none?

And how do you start a poll?

I was sort-of focusing on common non-robot programming languages, that’s why I didn’t list easyC, etc. That’s still programming - otherwise we’d have a “Pseudo-Programming Skills Challenge”! :smiley:

It’s an option when you start the thread. Look below the editor, in the “Additional Options” section.

FORTRAN, Assembler (several versions), BASIC, C, C++, PL1, COBOL, you name it…

All of those on the list