Programming light is always on

The program light it constantly on. I’ve tried several times to reload the master code but keep getting the standard: make sure controller is powered on and/or serial cable is attached. Additionally, it says in the lower left corner of the loader: No firmware detected. Yes the com port is correct and the serial cable is attached and the controller is powered on. When I try to use the online mode, I can download the code successfully but the robot is non-responsive after the download. Any suggestions?

You will need to download Master and User Code using our IFI Loader that is available on our Downloads web page Go to our Downloads web page and get the Vex Master Code and Vex Default Firmware zip file and our IFI Loader if you do not have them. Inside this zip file you will find a VEX_MASTER_Vx.BIN file. Using the instructions called UpdatingMasterFirmware.pdf download the latest Master bin file to the Vex Controller using the IFI Loader. After this is complete, you will need to download the Default Firmware (hex file) to the Vex Controller.

I bought the VEX starter kit about 5 months ago and my micro controller is not working. The programming light is on but I haven’t even programmed it or anything. It doesn’t respond to controller and doesn’t run any motors or anything. If you know how to fix it tell me.

**Plugging the RX cable into the Serial port can cause this problem. If you do not have a programming kit you can call us and will we issue you a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number for repair before you send it to us. If you have a programming kit, try the above post. **