Programming line tracker

Hello there,

For our new Skyrise robot we will be using 1 line tracker. However because we haven’t used one before we are unsure on how to program them in easyC…


The line tracker block just returns a value from 0 to 1024. Are you tracking a line or touchless limit? I’d plug one in and open the online window.

No I am tracking a line…

Is there a sample code which I could look at?

Yes, it is included in easyC under the tutorials.

We recommend using three though. With one you can only bounce off the line, plus the kit comes with three.
Line Tracker.jpg

OK thanks, I also have three other sensors that I need help programming one which will need using during driver control and autonomous which is the “Limit Switch” and the ultrasonic range finder and optical shaft encoder which will need using during autonomous only… Could you help me with these?

Thanks !

I’d watch some of these videos in the FAQ

Drag in the block on the sensor you want and click the help button. It will give you instructions on using all of these sensors.