Programming match and extra pieces on the field temporarily

Hi, I have a question about what’s allowed in the programming match.
One of our problems is aligning the robot consistently at the start of the program. We did FIRST Lego League last year and remembered from FLL that some of the teams had built a little frame that they’d set on the field, and they’d use that to perfectly align the robot for each mission. So I was wondering if that would be allowed in VEX IQ. Can we build a frame out of VEX parts and set it on the field temporarily to align the robot, then remove it before we start the program in motion? This would be needed not just at the beginning of the match, but also midway through (perhaps multiple times) to help with the different programs.

Alternatively, we can also align the robot by eye, but so far the kids have not been very consistent.

Thanks for any help you can give me!

This type of device would only be allowed prior to the start of the match, but not during a match. Teams may not introduce any new parts into the field during a Match.