programming mechanum wheels

using Robot C for programming a mechanum drive, it drives straight forward and backward but curves when straffting side to side. The fron left and back right seems to rotate slower.

Are your wheels oriented correctly? Mecanums have to be placed in the exact orientation to work correctly.

Refer to this guide:

I have the code posted on a thread in the Robot C Technical Support.

What do you mean by orientation, I will check the VEX website

I looked at the code.
It looks fine for autonomous.

In driver, you might want to make a deadzone.

else {
	int turn, strafe;
	turn =   vexRT[Ch2];
	strafe = vexRT[Ch1];
	if (abs(turn)   < 15) turn   = 0; //this is how to make a deadzone
	if (abs(strafe) < 15) strafe = 0; //this is how to make a deadzone
	motor[rightFront] = turn + strafe;
	motor[rightBack] = turn - strafe;
	motor[leftFront] = turn - strafe;
	motor[leftBack] = turn + strafe;

If a deadzone does not work, try widening it (change 15 to 30 or something).

If it still does not work, it is probably a hardware problem.

Thanks guys we had them oriented incorrectly