Programming Module Button

What is the button on top of the orange “programming” module for?

The top button will force the Vex Controller into a download or programming state. Pressing the button should start the Vex PGRM STATUS LED flashing. When the PGRM STATUS LED is flashing, you are then ready to download your User code. This is not normally required with most computers but it can be used if your computer is having trouble talking to the Program Module - you can not get the program light to come on when you are trying to download code.

I am using the easy C software that came with the programming kit. Now I see that if right before the download, I press the button on the programming module a few times, the download works. Is pressing the button on the module a few times before the download okay or can it slowly damage any components?

Pressing the top button on the Programming Module only forces the Vex Controller into a download mode. Pressing the button a few times will not damage any components.