Programming Motor Encoders for level Scissor

Hey all, Finally trying to get into some more technical programming. We have a scissor lift driven linearly at the base by to 393s on each side (4 total), 2 of which i have installed motor encoders. I saw a bot at the last comp with this setup and motor encoders. Now, i would like to program it so that the arm lefts level no matter the position of the weight, so both sides of the base move as closely to exactly the same as possible, but i have no idea on how to start programming it. Im using easyCv4, Thanks

I think the best way to do that would be using PID loops (good tutorial here). Works well for my team’s scissor as long as the motors weren’t stalled out/overheated. Just bind buttons to increase and decrease the value of the “target value” of the PID loop.