Programming Opcontrol

You can use gyro sensor to improve driving and implement a deadzone using an array.

You can try resetting the gyro automatically if that happens. Or at least I think you can do that

Thanks a lot for showing me that forum, i will for sure take a look and try to understand it

For the equation you sent, does that work for left and right joysticks because we use tank control ?
and also if you have experiance in PROS would it look like this

left_drive_set((powf(controller.get_analog(pros::E_CONTROLLER_ANALOG_LEFT_Y),3))/ powf(127,2));
void left_drive_set (int speed) 


Yes, it will work with both of the joysticks, so you can use it with tank control. I took a very similar approach to the way you have shown, so it should work.

ok then thanks a lot

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