Programming over VexNET

I might be mistaken here, but I was under the impression that you could use vexNET to create a wireless serial link to the microcontroller. This I feel, should allow you to program user code and readback debug serial. I have connected my programming cable to the back of the VexNET transmitter but when I fire up IFI Loader it connects to the ComPORT and then gives a

Unknown Device ID (0)


Have I just been mistaken and this is not a feature or is there something wrong here?

You can program over VEXNET, make sure you have vexnet connection and that you have a driver for the remote installed on your computer. If you don’t have a driver your computer will not recongnize it.

Also, if you are using robotC I have heard of dificulties using this feature.

Seriously, you should stick to commenting on areas where you have personal experience. Exothermic Robotics has 10 competition VEX teams using VEXnet and RobotC, and we aren’t the only ones. Everything works fine.