Programming platform for tower takeover

Which programming platform/language do you use, take this poll to figure out:

  • Pros(C++)
  • pros(Python)
  • Pros©
  • Vexcode V5 text
  • Vexcode V5 blocks
  • Robot C
  • Vex Coding Studio
  • Robot Mesh Studio
  • Easy C
  • Other

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Please comment if I have missed anything.

What is pros(Python)


And what is Pros© vs Pros(C++)?

This poll, the way you have it now, is not about languages but IDEs.


PROS has C in addition to C++, but if you type C with ()'s around the forum renders it as ©. But yes, the poll doesn’t take into account that there are multiple languages in RMS and VCS, for example, nor does it differentiate that there are Cortex and V5 variants of some of these languages.